Funeral practices are influenced by religious and cultural traditions, costs and personal preferences. These factors help determine whether the funeral will be elaborate or simple, public or private, religious or secular, and where it will be held. They also influence whether the body will be present at the funeral, if there will be a viewing or visitation, and if so, whether the casket will be open or closed, and whether the remains will be buried or cremated.


A traditional service for burial, entombment or cremation, is usually the service of choice. The traditional funeral service is a meaningful expression for the family, and it gives friends and associates an opportunity to offer their support and tributes.


Generally, a member of the clergy or other person chosen by the family conducts a service of remembrance. We encourage the active participation of the family in helping plan this part of the service. Many times family members choose to personalize the service by giving a reading, singing or assisting the clergy.

Funeral Services